Universität Bonn

Hertz-Chair for Artificial Intelligence and Neurosciene

Our Open Science Pledge

Open Science

We ensure all our science is openly accessible. Our publication list contains links to our open access publications, as well as to [open data] and [open code]. A tabular overview of open psychophysiological data sets is found here.

Reproducible Science

We ensure our research results can be reproduced from source data. All code used for data analysis is openly available, and we endeavour to make it human-readable and understandable.

Sustainable Science

We endeavour that our code and data are useable for future research. Much of our code is published in a generalised form that makes re-use easy, such as the matlab toolbox PsPM, the R packages vrthreat and coglearn, and the Unity Toolkits VRThreat and CogLearn. We train early-career researchers and colleagues in the use of these toolkits, for example by running regular PsPM courses and providing teaching material. Our fear conditioning data sets are published in a standardised format to facilitate automated data processing. Please contact us if you wish to know more about this format.

Precision Science

We strive to use the most precise measurement methods, and we constantly evaluate our methods against suitable benchmarks. To this end, we have developed the concept of experiment-based calibration, and we are using it to validate latent-variable measurement in psychology and behavioural science.

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